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Section 4 - Cylinders
Completed! The cylinder saddle as machined by master machinist Bill W. Summer 2003

 In the Summer of 2003, Bill W., took the rough-milled cylinder saddle halves and machined them for me.  Here, on one of many angle-plate setups, he cuts the bottom of the casting which is bolted to the engine frame.  Summer 2003 - Drilling the holes in the roughed casting for the bottom truck fulcrum anchor points.  Summer 2003 - Bill W., runs a bolt-circle program in a CNC mill to drill and tap the cover mounting holes.  Summer 2003 - CNC machines are nice, if you have them.  Here Bill W., has drill and is now tapping the cylinder joining half.  Summer 2003 - Bill W. bores the piston cylinder out with a precision bore on yet another angle plate setup.  Summer 2003 Flycutting the smokebox saddle seat.  Summer 2003 - Bill W. drills the exhaust ports on the inside of the saddle in a complex (for me) work-holding setup.  Summer 2003 - The completed valve cages in cast iron  Summer 2003 Drilling the hole for the steam admission.  Check out the setup Bill had to do to hold this part!  Drilling a very tiny hole for the oil like.  'We don't have any 3-48 taps' Bill says, leaving me to hand tap it later.  Summer 2003 - Honing the piston cylinders in a Sunnen Hone, the best on the market.  The assembled cylinder saddles  Summer 2003 The finished cylinder by Bill W.  6-Sept-2003 Bill Webster, Master machinist, finished the cylinder saddle for me.  He does incredible work--the cylinder holes are perfectly parallel to each other within 0.00004 inches!  That's better than the tolerances the original steam locomotives had. Bill said the hardest part of machining the castings was figuring out how to hold them.  6-Sept-03  The cylinder saddle is all finished, holes drilled and tapped.  The cast iron liners have been pressed in place inside the bored cylinder holes. The machined finish is completely professional, much higher than anything I can produce.  6-Sept-03 Bottom view of the cylinder saddle.  The frame will bolt to the inside of the piston cylinders.  It looks like the castings are mismatched in the center, but actually a previous machinist messed up and Bill had to offset the castings to make things right.