Section 2 - Spring Rigging

Spring rigging construction
SpringHangers01Jun05 001
1-June-05 Machining the rear cross equalizer bracket.
SpringHangers01Jun05 002
1-June-05 Setting up to turn the clevis brackets.
MikadoSuspensionComponents 001
The leaf Spring, journal saddle and suspension components in place.
MikadoSuspensionComponents 002
The forward equalizing bracket and assembled suspension components.
EquilizingArmsInSteel5Mar08 001
5-Mar-08 Laying out the Cross Equalizing arms in steel.
EquilizingArmsInSteel5Mar08 003
12-Mar-08 Cross-Equilizers remade in steel. The cast aluminum ones were fine, but I was not happy about using aluminum in this assembly - I plan to add more…