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Section 19 - Misc
Misc. Stuff that doesn't have a particular home. Like the Lubricator. And hand rails. And a Bell, and whistle, and lettering, and couplers, and....and...and all that other stuff.

 9-Feb-2019 What are we looking at here? We need to thread the end of the new steam line for the cylinder cocks. I've already bent the pipe up to fit on the jacketing, moving around obstacles like the running board, water lines and whistle.  I've tried to thread by hand, I end up with wobbly or crooked threads. We usually thread the hard-drawn brass pipe in the lathe, using a die kept steady with the tailstock. But since I've already bent up the pipe, we can't use the lathe because it won't fit in the headstock opening.  8-Feb-2019 New diaphram steam-actuated cylinder cocks installed on the cylinders. This installation is proving to be a slow and challenging process. It might have been much easier to install the plumbing  8-Jan-2019 Custom wrench to install the steam-actuated cylinder cocks. An open-end wrench did not have deep enough jaws and was rounding the wrench point on the fittings.  4-Dec-2018 We fabricate a bracket to mount the dynamo on.  23-July-2018 The turret cover assembled and in primer. The details of the handles and brackets which the covers rest against when open can be seen.  23-July-2018 The turret cover assembled and in primer.  19-June-2018 Fabrication of the turret cover begins.  18-Oct-2012 Drilling and reaming the pivot points. We could not find a good way to support the bracket arms without influencing them, so we start with a small drill and slowly work our way up to the finished size to avoid having the drill dig in and grab, which would break the bracket.  13-Oct-2012 While Bill was working on the mounting bracket, I tried my hand at the buffing wheel. I think this is as good as I can do.  8-Oct-2012 With the back and the bottom surfaces machined, we create an inside angle mount to hold the bracket square for drilling the pivot points.  8-Oct-2012 Exterior of the bell which was only sanded. We did machine the top (by fingers) a bit.  8-Oct-2012 We chucked the bell up in the lathe, sanded the interior, drilled a recess for the clapper mount.  8-Oct-2012 Figuring out how to hold these castings is almost harder than the machine work. We start by setting up an angle plate square to the head and machine the bottom of the bracket for a reference surface.  8-Oct-2012 While the locomotive is still upstairs for its next run, we are a bit a loose ends on what to work on. We grab the bell kit and see what we can do.  29-Nov-2011 Modifying two American Model oil  check valves for 1/8  29-Nov-2011 The painted bracket installed on the frame with new connecting rod at full backstroke.  29-Nov-2011 Holding the new connecting rod to mill small radius' in the end for silver soldering.  21-Nov-2011 Trial fitting of pump, connecting rod, trunnion stud.  It all looks good until we roll the engine around and discover the rod is too short, causing the pump ratchet pawl to hit the other pawl on the back stroke.  21-Nov-11 Bracket with silver soldered stud to mount of the trunnion block.  15-Nov-2011 Bracket for the American Models lubricator to mount on. Bill machinsed up the plates, I welded them together.  15-Nov-2011 A bracket made from 1/8