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Section 6 - Pilot and Pilot Deck
Completed! The Pilot (front of engine) and Front Truck. Sheetmetal work for the pilot deck started Jan 2012.

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 9-May-07 A quick job! Drilling the Pedestal Binders.  1-May-06 The finished Pedestal binders bolted to the pilot truck frame. Yea!  Hey, that was four parts and one whole print completed in one four-hour session.  Tonight it was a good night!  The Vice Stop in use. Between part changes, the setup is not disturbed, so each part can be quickly set into the same position for drilling and tapping.  1-May-07 Last set on the pedestal blocks: drill the holes in the top and bottom.  Bill sets up a 'vice stop' using the angle plate and a piece of bar stock.  A quick way to machine all four blocks to the same size.  The every-other orientation insures any angular introduced in the setup is the same for each pair.  A quick alignment with the precision square and the top is skimmed until we have a machined surface.  The casting does not allow a lot of material to be removed because the rough size is close to the finished size called for on the print.  With both sides machined, we use the angle plate for the side which faces the axle block.  1-May-07 Starting on the Pedestal blocks. We have to machine these castings on 5 out of 6 sides. Step 1: pick a side and machine it.  Lacking a hydraulic press to bend the truck brackets with, we make a fixture to hold them.  25-Apr-07 Machining the pilot truck brackets on the rotary table.  20-Apr-07 The finished heart links.  A test fitting of the pilot truck frame assembly goes just fine.  Machining the inside radius of the heart link with the rotary table.  18-Apr-07 To finish the heart links, we have to mill a 5/16  Two quick setovers around the center line and the .250  18-Apr-07 Next we start work on the heart links. A piece of aluminum is bolted to the table and a dowel pin in it. The mill head is centered over the pin and the Y axis moved the correct distance. A line on the heart portion of the link dividing it in half is scribed, the heart link is put on the dowel pin and clamped down, then we use the pointed wiggler to center the mill head over the scribe mark.  18-Apr-07 The finished pilot truck axle boxes!  The counterbore in action.  18-Apr-07 Since I did not have the right sized mill to finish the spring pocket, we use a counter-bore drill without the pilot.  18-Apr-07 Cutting the spring pocket. First we start with the closest large cutter I have (3/4  Since the prints reference everything from the back, a quick check to see about how more can be removed from the back while keeping the centerline of the axlebox in the correct spot.  The boring operation complete, the axle box back is faced off.  4-Apr-07 By now, this is almost a familier setup. The front pilot axle box is chucked up in the 4-jaw chuck, centered by eye, and rough bored.  4-Apr-07 The finished Swing Bolster  4-Apr-07 Rough turning the outside of the Swing Bolster.  Is the front of the slot set back the proper distance? Putting an adjustable parallel in the slot and using the depth mic will tell.  11-Apr-07  Familiar milling operation, cutting the guide channel in the axle box. Turning the box over to mill the other side, we rotate it on the plug to maintain the same center distance.  11-Apr-07 Our old friends, the angle plate and aluminum plug are once again re-united.  This aluminum plug started out pretty big for the main axle boxes, was turned smaller for the trailing truck boxes and now is a bit smaller for the pilot boxes.  How much do we have to take off?  A check with the depth mike from the axle face to the chuck face will tell.  11-Apr-07  Action shot--the axle box has been turned around and tapped square against the chuck face to face the wheel side.  21-Feb-07 We start machining the heart rocker for the pilot trucks. Yeah!  21-Feb-07 Flycutting the pilot truck frame.  28-Feb-07 The finished pilot truck frame.  28-Feb-07 Using pins to locate the pilot truck frame so we can drill the holes in the sides.  28-Feb-07 Boring the spring pockets.