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The St. Louis Live Steamers
Fond memories of 2003 to the present. Run day events, construction pics, more.

2011 Season
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2011 Season  |  Total images: 4
Activities from our 2011 season.
The 2010 Season
The 2010 Season  |  Total images: 12
August update! The new bridge is installed! Starting with the first workday of the year -- late in February because of poor weather up to now.
2009 at a glance
2009 at a glance  |  Total images: 82
Run days, Eureka days and our last run of the season -- the Boiler Blowdown in October.
2008 Activities
2008 Activities  |  Total images: 170
2008 Expansion over the winter, a spring flood washes out the tracks, and a full run schedule ahead.
2007 SLLS Track activities
2007 SLLS Track activities  |  Total images: 43
2007 - The Inaugural Run on 1-Sept and construction photos of how we got there.
2006 Laying Tracks
2006 Laying Tracks  |  Total images: 23
Major construction activities continue.
2005 Construction starts
2005 Construction starts  |  Total images: 102
A fresh start for SLLS in a new location
2004 Searching for a new home
2004 Searching for a new home  |  Total images: 20
Searching for a new home and finding one in Kircher Park in the City of Eureka, MO
2004 Packing to storage
2004 Packing to storage  |  Total images: 13
A year of deconstruction from our last location and puting SLLS into storage.
2003 Pulling up tracks
2003 Pulling up tracks  |  Total images: 6
Pulling up the tracks for storage.
The October 2003 Steamup
The October 2003 Steamup  |  Total images: 2
The Fall 2003 Steamup
2002 Summer Steamup
2002 Summer Steamup  |  Total images: 5
Pictures from the August 2002 steamup.
 St. Louis Live Steamers, Kircher Park, Eureka, Missouri