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The 2010 Season
August update! The new bridge is installed! Starting with the first workday of the year -- late in February because of poor weather up to now.

 20-Feb-2010 After a series of consecutive snowy or rainy or plain cold weekends, we catch a break with a 60 (!) degree dry day on a Saturday. Corey finishes fabricating the bridge, Al, John and Bill make good progress on the redeisgned turntable runout track, digging and setting 6 posts.  Setting the new posts for the turntable runout track.  August - Mixing concrete and pouring the abutments on a hot St. Louis day.  Everyone in the work crew stayed busy, each adopting a 'task' for the pour - measuring gravel, sand, concrete, wheelbarrowing, concrete mixing....  The filled forms.  The finished, welded and painted bridge awaiting installation (upside down in this picture). The ladder was a measuring stick to place the pier footings.  With the concrete done, Corey drills the anchor holes with a portable drill.  Moving the 20 foot long bridge in position. Al is driving the skidsteer.  Dropping the bridge onto the piers.  Bill trims the edge of the concrete with a gas-powered diamond blade saw. A water hose keeps the dust down.  Ta Da!  The best looking bridge in St. Louis!