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2008 Activities
2008 Expansion over the winter, a spring flood washes out the tracks, and a full run schedule ahead.

Heartbreak. Devastation.
Heartbreak. Devastation.  |  Total images: 42
The remnants of Hurricane Ike moved through St. Louis dumping 5.5" of rain and leaving the SLLS track in shambles.
Pictures from the Eureka Days Parade
Pictures from the Eureka Days Parade  |  Total images: 6
Flooded Out!
Flooded Out!  |  Total images: 69
A springtime flood forces SLLS to evacuate, Buildings fill with 28 inches of water, tracks are washed out. Over 12 inches of rain fell in two days in SouthWest Missouri over Meramec River basin, the causing flash flooding during the rains. Two days later a 'tidal wave' of water 32 feet high forces it way downstream and Flat Creek, a drainage creek to the Meramec river backs up and floods Kircher Park, along with several other communities.
 16-Feb-08 Expansion work on the Wye, West Leg. John T. works the wheelbarrow, Joel P. the rake and Henry L. with his 17hp two-cylinder diesel tractor.  16-Feb-08 Bill W. manuvers the Dingo power shovel with Al W. at the ready with the 4-wheeler  16-Feb-08 Kirk Y. with the chopsaw cuts plastic sticks into 14