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2007 SLLS Track activities
2007 - The Inaugural Run on 1-Sept and construction photos of how we got there.

Dedication Day run 13-Oct-2007
Dedication Day run 13-Oct-2007  |  Total images: 4
A beautiful day with 346 passengers and five locomotives steamed up.
Our first public run, in the rain but with success!
Our first public run, in the rain but with success!  |  Total images: 12
Saturday 8-Sept-07 proved to be a rainout for Eureka Days, but we ran and gave rides to 122 people with great success!
Our first-ever run on 1-Sept-2007
Our first-ever run on 1-Sept-2007  |  Total images: 20
Our Members-only Inagural run. What a great track we have built in the past 2 years.
 Receiving a donation from AmerenUE  21-Apr-07 Digging and setting posts for the steaming bays.  9-Jun-07 Paul and Rich work on connecting the reversing loop to the mainline.  9-June-07 Construction Progress continues with the steaming bay assembly.  21-July-07 Al and Joel put up sidewalk forms for the extra concrete we will have after the turntable pour.  21-July-07 A work of art in formwork for the turntable.  21-July-07 The car barn was cleaned up and the riding cars retrieved from storage and brought out to the track.