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Our first-ever run on 1-Sept-2007
Our Members-only Inagural run. What a great track we have built in the past 2 years.

 1-Sept-07  Inaugural run day at Kircher Park. The members are showing up and unloading their engines for a beautiful days running.  Joel's Pacific fills the long bay on the end. In the background are wheelbarrows full of muddy dirt, the product of an early morning waterline repair.  Engines on the steaming bay in the morning.  We left the extra long steaming bay with high posts.  ...Maybe too high....  Ralph's Senior Express American is unloaded and moved to a steaming bay on the transfer lift.  Ax reviews the Mogul, which is safely blue-flagged like the prototype railroads.  1-Sept-07 Steaming bays, Engines and the smell of steam in the air. A great day for the St. Louis Live Steamers.  1-Sept-07  A long shot of the track with traffic on it for the first time!!  Sam tries his hand behind the throttle for the first time.  A trainload of happy passengers behind an even happier engineer Joel.  Henry learns about fire tending from Ax.   The M-K-T passes the Mogul on the service track.  Mariah, Katy and Mathew put a few hours on the little gasser.  Ax with the Wabash Mogul on the high iron.  Max gets off the track as Herb and Richard cruise by.  1-Sept-07 The gathering.  Bill W. on the high iron.  With Max laying on the road crossing I take a glance down the road with the club diesel off on the reversing track.  Rich E. and Paul S. work on a twist and a high spot on the track.