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Three days of running trains!
Pictures from my visit to the Mid-South Live Steamers in Columbia TN. We had great weather and even more fun!

 Witha clear stack I cross the high bridge, preparing to loop back down around. In a few minutes I will cross the bridge in the background and go under the high bridge. picture by Francis Brostrom  Eyes on the road, not the pressure gage!  Approaching the road crossing. picture by Greg Glos  Under steam on the mainline, staying on the low loop. picture by Greg Glos  In the steaming bays. picture by Greg Glos  Corey and wife Susan on his recently re-tubed mogul.  Joel and cousin Dave in the steaming bay with his 1198 Pitterpuffer R.R. Atlantic.  Allan gets nose level to the cab as Tim and a visitor look on.  Bill helped Carey run his American  Joel on the mainline with a consist of family and friends.  'The big train' At the top of the hill with Zach and Tim's heavy Mikado which pulled 22 cars plus Joel's heavy engine plus passengers!  Allen gives a look back at the mainline as Tim pulls out of the yard.  Joel with a heavy revenue load.  Josh at the head end of a double-header with a long string of cars and passengers.  My little 0-4-0 engine with it's new 'zerk' automatic cylinder cocks - which worked great!  The first car out of the Neidrauer shops, NYC lettered gondola.  The whole consist for the crab.  New (May 2011) seat/coal bunker combination worked great!   The gon has a couple of seat boards I just finished.