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Although there is no 'Section A' in the prints, I need a place to record the assembling of the locomotive. 2014: Tender, Tender Trucks, Fuel Tank, Air Tanks, Cab Roof, Numbers and Letters. Fall 2013: boiler accessories including jacketing, handrails, domes. Winter 2011: Boiler Fit, Remove, Fit Remove, Ashpan installation, firedoor, front-end work. Winter 2011. Chassis Timing - December 2009. Started July 2009

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 While troubleshooting the crosshead assembly fit problem, we thought maybe the problem was the crossheads were not properly seating on the guide bar because of a slight rounded inside corner in the shoe.  Taking a piece of high-speed-steel, Bill showed me how to scrape in a bearing surface.  Held at the proper angle, pushing the scraper peeled the corner of metal out was as easy as pushing a pencil.  Draw filing the bearing surface of the crosshead guide bars.  The file reveals the flat surface is actually cupped, with the corners high.  Mic'ing the bar at the outside and then at the middle gave different readings.  Another productive evening! The front truck was mounted and locked home, and the water pump and eccentrics installed.  6-Oct-09 We make a minor change to the Pilot truck bracket -- using a 5 degree tapered endmill (we didn't have a 10 degree), we open the top and bottom of the hole up to allow more vertical freedom of movement in the truck without changing the hole location.  The front of the frame is much heavier now with the cylinders installed.  I might have to make some paint adjustments - the frame has Sherwin-williams automotive, the cylinders have Dupont Engine Block high temp and they seem to be a different shade of black to the camera.  The bolts are installed with Loctite and very firmly tightened.  They are one with the frame and I don't plan on ever taking them off.  Bill works to install the cylinder mounting bolts.  With the cylinder jacketing installed (we used drive rivets to hold it) we begin fitting the cylinders to the frame.  We ended up with some height differences on the frame from the print, the shim notes are on the steel plate in front.  30-Sept-09 The tiny 1/8-56  13-July-09 - While Mom and Dad were visiting me this weekend, I had Dad cut some hardboard up for removable shelves on the stand.  The frame sitting on the new Black 'low' stand with wheels and suspension installed.  A note for the future: you have to install the brake hangers and brake beams  One more cotter pin bent, 47 more to go.  These little 1/16  Installing the springs and equalizing arms. We are temporarily using the high 'yellow' stand instead of bending over a lower bench.  Installing the equalizing arms in the frame on a temporary stand.  8-July-09 Assembling the Front Truck.  Add the trailing truck next. Work on shortening suspension pins on the trailing truck before that can be put underneath.  Also discover the brake hangers and brake beams should be installed on the frame first, then the wheels. The hangers simply cannot go in on the beams and up into the bracket at the same time without the wheels getting in the way.  We start assembly with the wheels under the frame.  4-July-09 A very wet Saturday morning put bill and I down in the shop and not out at the track.  We start assembly!!! Yeah!  5-July-09 Holiday weekend. I spend my time off fabricating a lower (28  26-Oct-08 I couldn't help myself.  Looking at the partially assembled frame without the front pilot truck appeared unbalanced, so I put the pilot truck together and put it on the frame. Much better!  19-Oct-08 The painted chassie is put on the wheels and the delta trailing truck fitted underneath.  Assembly is so much fun!  But this isn't the final assembly -- I needed the space in the garage from painting all the parts, the easiest way to store them is partially assembled!