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Section 5 - Cylinder group 2
Completed! The cylinder parts - covers, piping, jacketing and long after we started - Cylinder covers (November 2014). July 2006-Jan 2007, June 2009-August 2009, finished September 2009. OKAY, maybe not quite finished--Metal Spinning the cylinder covers November 2014

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 15-Nov-06 The finished Piston Covers!!!!  15-Nov-06 Last step in finishing the rear Piston covers; machining the boss off.  15-Nov-06  Closeup of the finished rear valve crossheads.  15-Nov-06 The finished Valve Covers!!!  15-Nov-06 We also opened up the front valve covers also by  This was not call for in the prints, but similar to the piston covers.  15-Nov-06 We decided to 'open up' the valve ports a little bit and mill some exhaust steam passages.  This was not call for in the prints, but similar to the piston covers.  15-Nov-06 One of the last steps is to drill and tap the packing gland holes.  It's a close one for the spotting drill and tap -- check out the clearance between the side of the crosshead jaws.  26-Oct-06 A one-hour setback: the Valve Crosshead guides were machining with a taper.  Investigation found the block was slightly tilted front to back.  Much fussing later, and stacked paper shims of 0.0013 and 0.0018 removed the taper back into acceptable limits.  26-Oct-06 The crosshead jaws machined to width. Next, machine the step in them to make the crosshead guides.  26-Oct-06 Dialing-in the Valve Crosshead Jaws mounting fixture to be parallel to the table travel.  14-Oct-06 The completed Valve Crosshead-holding fixture (the aluminum block) with the crosshead bolted on and ready for use. Next time, machining the crosshead slots into the casting.  14-Oct-06 Kids, don't try this at home: Lacking a boring head which could go out to 1.750  14-Oct-06 Having reached the limit of the boring head, we put a fly cutter in to complete the hole.  14-Oct-06 After flycutting the top square to the angle plate, we begin to bore out a hole to bolt the Valve crosshead guide to.  11-Oct-06 Flycutting the aluminum blank square.  11-Oct-06 Drilling and tapping the piston crosshead guide lugs in a horizontal rotary index friend Alan H. gave me.  11-Oct-06 Checking the trueness of the horizontal rotary table.  Even though it is a used veteran, it runs with 0.0005  4-Oct-06 We made a custom six inch long end mill holder because the regular end mill holder and spindle would be in the way of where we wanted to mill.  4-Oct-06  Bill taps around on the Rear Valve cover to align the casting in our 'chuck on a table' holder.  4-Oct-06  Here's what it looks like as we work on the rear valve covers.  4-Oct-06  We discover the holes previously drilled are 0.014 off.  We don't know why, maybe the y-axis handle got bumped.  We have to make a custom endmill holder to mill the holes back to their proper place. A minor, but two-hour, setback for that nights activities.  18-Sept-06 With the finished small Jacobs drill chuck held in the mill, we proceed to drill the rear valve cover holes.  18-Sept-06 Since the center-drilled hole in the end of the arbor is way out of center, we use the steady rest to hold the chuck and finish the arbor to size.  18-Sept-06 Making an arbor for a small Jacobs chuck. The drill chuck is clamped to a dowel pin, we indicate off the chuck body to remove the run-out.  18-Sept-06 The most challenging part to chuck so far - the rear valve/crosshead casting.  We will need extra long drills and taps to complete this job.  13-Sept-06 Sweeping the rear piston cover to center it.  Thanks Bro' for the Indicol!  13-Sept-06 Machining the crosshead guide brackets.  13-Sept-06 Drilling the bolt circle in the rear piston cover.  The only way we could hold it was to remove the 4-jaw from the lathe backing plate and bolt the chuck to the table. Using a bolt-circle program on the DRO meant we did not have to revolve the cover.  2-Aug-06 A thin grab in the 3-jaw.  With the parallels temporarily in place to try and make the outside parallel with the inside, the piston cover is chucked up for turning and facing the inside.  2-Aug-06 Turning the relief for the bolt holes  2-Aug-06 Rough centering the front piston cover.  26-July-05  Rough turning the back of the front piston cover.  26-July-06 How to set a carriage stop when you do not have a micrometer stop.  Use something, in case a drill bit, which is the same size of the offset you are trying to set.  Shim stock and dowel pins also work.  26-July-06 Turning the back of the valve cover to size.  We found a good insert with a chip breaker on it, prompting me to grab a piece of plastic to use as a guard.  26-July-06 The valve cover after roughing operations  26-July-06 We start work on the cylinder covers.  We start with the forward valve covers, turning the outside diameter, the stepped recess, then drill and tap the center for the decorative cover bolt.