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Section 3 - Drive Wheels
Completed! Pictures, video and the Saga of the main drive wheels. Started July 2005, finished December 2007 with a break in the middle to find, move and restore a bigger lathe.

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 8-Dec-07 A classic setup in the lathe - The part held between centers insuring maximum concentricity.  A surprise under the red primer paint is uncovered - nickel fill welding. Welding on cast iron, which the wheels are made of, is not generally recommended.  5-Dec-07 Measuring the Flange diameter with a 8-9  Turning the flanges to the same diameter in the old Rahn-Larmon lathe - note the 'lantern-post' rocker style tool holder.  The very noisy overhead chain drive for the big lathe.  The turned flanges - note how the left side needed very little material removed, while the oversize flange on the right had a lot to make it the same size as the left.  Wheels in a corral  8-Dec-07 We're almost done! Having turned the 3 degree taper on the tread (the main part of the wheel), we finish the wheel by putting a 10 degree taper on the flanges.  The bluing on wheel allows us to see where the 10 degree taper is cutting, so we we don't cut too deep and gouge the tread.  Cutting the inside taper on the flange. We are almost done with this wheel - notice how the bluing has been removed up to the inside radius on the tread.