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Section 17 - Tender Trucks
Usable! Tender Trucks. 2014 - The trucks have been finished, assembled and painted enough to be runable. We did not design and fabricate the dozens of small parts to put operation brakes on them. We will do that later. Happy to report the trucks work great and have not given any issue running over the track. July 2013 Axle box machining in progress. June 2013 Back from being welded into a contiguous piece, Bill finished the machining of the Frames. Construction Started December 2012! I picked up a set of 3-axle commonwealth trucks in November 2008 which I will use instead of the supplied USRA bettendorfs. One problem: the homemade castings do not have an engineering print with them. I had to make prints and Bill had to figure out how to machine them.

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  19-Nov-2012 Second cut: flip casting over and clamp on machined surfaces. use dial indicator to see how warped/level the casting is, also check it after clamping to make sure the clamps are not twisting the casting.  10-Dec-2012 First setup: clamp to the table for a skim cut on the pedestal openenings.  19-Nov-2012 Another machinist had started on one set of sideframes. I always worry that we will run into trouble with someones previous work since we will be machining the rest of the casting differently.  19-Nov-2012 Using gridded paper to see how the bearings will fit in the axle boxes. The castings came with some ball bearings, but the ID is 3/8  19-Nov-2012 Puzzling out how to hold the castings to machine them with the least number of setup changes. ?Do we elevate them on the table? ?Clamp them down over the side of the table? ?How true at the unmachined surfaces we will be clamping on - we don't want to introduce a twist or bevel into the frame.  One possible way to assembly the parts. The wheels are a tight fit in the frame openings.  1-July-09 Bill and I strategize the machining approach with the three-axle commonwealth castings I purchased.  The castings did not come with an engineering drawing and the NYC prototype drawing available does not match thse castings. The closest match are drawings from the