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Section 11 - Valve Gear
Completed! Valve Gear. Lots of little levers: Link Trunion, tumbling shaft lever, eccentric crank, eccentric rod, radius rod, combination lever, union link, lifing link. July 2008-January 2009

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 The waterjet process leaves a tapered edge, like plasma or flame cutting can. With the expansion link clamped up, we center on the bolt hole to bore it out.  30-July-08 Putting the squeeze on the Expansion Link. My friend Tim M. who is also making a Heavy Mike had his expansion links cut from Stainless Steel by a local waterjet cutter, All Cut, Inc.  He gave them a call for me and they were able to fit my job in with one they were working that day! I got my parts in 24 hours!

Waterjet cutting does not leave a hardened edge like Laser or EDM. My pieces has a slight curve to them, probably in the original stock. A couple of spacers, a dowel pin and some pressure in the vise took care of that.  Without changing the setup or the most importantly the center zero, we move out and drill the four bolt holes, but not the two locating dowel pin holes.  We'll do those later.  We decided not to follow the assembly instructions provided and do our own thing. Setting up a stop in the vise for all the parts, we center the reamer and zero the DRO on center.  23-July-08 We start a new section! Yeah!  Starting with the Trunion Link Supports, we trim the sprue end off and machine the ends to a uniform height.  Like all castings, these thin brass castings are slightly warped, but a few hits with a soft hammer strightened them out before clamping in the vise.