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Other Activities in the Shop
...Like building a low locomotive stand, fixtures to hold model pipe fittings, tool modifications, a three-phase power converter, New tooling storage.

 Dad helps me bring a Briggs & Stratton Model  I made a custom planer knife holding fixture to sharpen Dad's knives on the surface planer.  2-May-2011 A two by ten, some sandpaper and several coats of varnish later - viola' - two riding seats for the NYC gondola train car.  After cutting the wood and applying the varnish my basement smelled like I was at my Dads wood workshop instead of my metal shop!  April 2011 The low stand for the garage is welded up.  10-Nov-2010 My custom lettering from Connie Micracle Graphics arrived.  They look stupendous!  Only two more holders to go, once I figure out the dimensions.  A finished Tee.  The model pipe fixture in use.  We made one holder for 5/16 and another for 1/4  Last step - cutting the 1/4  The fittings are from PM Research  20-Oct-2010 A fun project - Making a tool holder for model pipe fittings.  Thank goodness Live Steam Magazine had published and article about how to do this.  6-Oct-2010 Milling support pad heights for the gondola.  Orange sparks....mean high-speed steel.  Looking for a good cutting tool for the old Rahn-Larmon lathe, I thought I found a candidate.  But a touch to the grinding wheel gave orange sparks which looked like straw brooms (single orange trail with a burst at the end).  Looking for another tool found this one, which gave deep red, long spark trails...the sign of high speed (high carbon) steel. Just the ticket!  31-Mar-10 We installed the swivel base under the vise several weeks ago, but lacked t-bolts to bolt it down.  When my next supply house order was fulfilled, I found out the t-bolt and the washer-nut were too tall to fit under the vise!  So a little lathe work was in order. The nut was trimmed down with a carbide cutter since it was case-hardened. Bill used a  A rivet repair job on a commercial 32 oz ladle.  After a little trial and effort, the rivet job came out alright. 21-Mar-10  10-Mar-10 The wooden stand the roller was on is very loose and wobbly.  And not heavy enough to stay in place when we overload the rollers with a 1  The repaired fan runs nice and quiet!  The air dryer blower on the dishwasher stopped working, so I took it apart, cleaned and oiled the bearings again beofre putting it back in service.  When the oil dried out, the bearings started spinning in their holders.  I had to remove the gold-colored retaining clip, which was swedged into the pot-metal bearing bracket. Another use for a Dremel rotary tool.  A Kempsmith No.2 horizontal mill has found its way into my shop.  W. Schollhorn Corp, W. Bernard Combined Pliers and Cutter

A recent BBS thread about the PlieRench prompted me to take a closer look at an old wrench hiding in the corner of one of my toolboxes I had long ignored.

Close inspection of the stampings revealed  It lives! Thanks to Dad who was visiting this weekend and his help running the 3-phase wiring out to this corner of the shop, the Boyer-Schultz 612 grinder is back in service!  I am happy to say the new bearings run much better than the old ones I replaced several years ago, and I think the rotary phase converter gives smoother power too. A new lamp and some time leveling it puts this machine ready for utility service (the table is still worn badly).  5-July-09 A long holiday weekend allowed me to practice my welding skills and produce a heavy-duty engine stand to assemble the Mikado on.  I reassembled this vintage (age and manufacture unknown) box brake in January 2009.  The riveted and square-nut construction has me wondering how old it really is.  They look like Lionel train wheels to you, but they look like shop income to me!  31-May-08 the finished Lionel train wheels with new rubber band traction tires installed.  Updating a Lionel train wheel for rubber band traction by turning a groove into it.  29-Apr-08 Measuing up a board to install on the conductors car before heading down to Mid-South.  26-Mar-08 The assembled riding car for a friend. I had to make a custom shoulder bolt to use as a kingpin, allowing the seat posts to be solidly anchored.  Air! I have and airline in the basement from the air compressor in the garage.  24-Mar-08 A proper bookshelf which can hold the stereo up top and take the weight of the books below.  24-Mar-08 Check out this new tool holder Dad & Mom made me when they were in town! I can finally get all the mill-drill tools in one place, and off the floor.  27-Feb-08 The modified tool holders for the big lathe now fit in the lantern-style toolpost holder all the way to the end, allowing me to keep the tool overhang as short as possible.  27-Feb-08 Using a carbide shell mill to narrow a forged right-hand tool holder so it will fit in the lathe lantern-post style tool holder.  Bill machined this dry, like we do for most things, and remarked  17-Feb-08 I found out why the fence will not clamp any more. The top part on the plywood is the original.  Took me 5 hours to make the replacement part (for some reason Sears discontinued it). I was able to hold 1/64  The broken (wore out) original part from the fence. Note the cracks, harder to see is the stretched-oval through hole in the middle. Oh, the part is supposed to be straight along the right-hand side!  16-Dec-07 Finger Engines, three gifts for the holidays.  21-Nov-07 A table top for the bandsaw. Using the material on hand, I made a small, yet more rigid table top for the bandsaw to use in the vertical position.  The flimsy sheet metal that came with the saw was not usable.  2-Sept-07 After the plastic rollers in my truck Window Regulator broke, the power window would not work.  After trying to find replacement parts ($90) I took some teflon and made my own replacements.  The window works again!  Making the custom Carbide Insert Toolholder. We later installed the carbide and used the toolholder in the lathe to turn wheel profiles.  Trying to clamp the part to be machined on the base. Not only is the part angled left to right, but there is a 15 degree front-to-back angle also. (That's the shim sticking out in front.)  Here's a complex setup if I ever saw one.  Here's the goal: Center the tool mouting base around a point in space so that the rotary table turns about that axis so we can cut a slot such that two of the sides are 60 degees to each other. Whew!  The sine bar.  Once again, I have to thank my brother for this tool!  The sine bar set up we used.  The finished cut, which is the mounting base for the tool to be cut.  13-June-07 Sometimes you have to make a tool to make a tool to complete a job.  Here we are fly cutting an aluminum plate at a compound angle to allow us to machine a holder for a Carbide Insert Toolbit.  Making keys by hand. This is for the garage door, whoes keys have been lost.  10-Apr-07 The finished homemade single-to-three-phase rotary power converter.  The 7.5HP motor on the floor runs warm (like a heater), but does work.  1-Apr-07 The rotary phase converter under construction.  I have since replaced all the wires with 10ga. stranded wiring, and added additional run capacitors to balance out the voltages and current in the circuit.  I salvaged the big fused service disconnect switch from the Bridgeport rebuild.