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2009 at a glance
Run days, Eureka days and our last run of the season -- the Boiler Blowdown in October.

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 Profile of Alan Woodyard's switcher.  Profile of Zack Mikko's Mikado  Tim's Berkshire, Alan Woodyard's 2-4-0 switcher  Trains on the bays!  Zack and Tim double-heading  John back on the high iron  Herb at the controls  The shot that got away...  Vivian & Herb Soberg overtake Bob Richardson  Ginney Richardson & Niece running the little switcher, John Toothacker tends to his Atlantic, Henry Laughlin & Bill Webster re-fire the Crab.  A nice double-header  Corey pulling a mixed frieght.  (r-l) Tim Mikko's Berkshire, Zack Mikko's Mikado, Corey Adams Mogul, far left in back, my Crab with the stack off.    5-July-09. Max helps me retrieve the yellow rope.   5-July-09 Fellow member John T. continues to bring his elderly MKT pacific back to running condition.
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