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2006 Laying Tracks
Major construction activities continue.

 2-Dec-06 Kircher Park under a blanket of ice and snow.  2-Dec-06  The trees sparkle with ice and the sunlight dances off the fresh snow at Kircher park.  2-Dec.  Photo of Rich manning the chop saw with Joel feeding the stock to be cut. Back at the workbench Sam prepares the conduit and boxes for mounting.  Not pictured is Corey pulling additional tie material from storage.  Kirk in the back of the shop container making more track.
 11-Nov-06 TheTransfer Table, all buttoned up.  Rich O. and Don M. look over the unloaded transfer table. It is self-contained, using only two 12v D.C. batteries to run it.  Unloading the table was easy - just let the table lift itself up on the trailer, put a few cross-beams underneath and pull the trailer out. Then lower the table onto the ground.  Everyone grab a block and start stacking. (Paul, John {not visible}, Joel, Bronson, Brian and Rich)  Putting the temporary legs on the table to unload.  11-Nov-06 The new transfer table in position over the concrete piers.  11-Nov-06 It's Here! The New transfer table designed by member Brian M., arrives, all 3,200 lbs. of it.  21-Oct-06. Uh Joel, your steam locomtive called and wants an explanation of this.  21-Oct-06 John K, Sr. and Sam B. level the track and ballast, while in the background, Max takes an interest in Rich O.'s work.  21-Oct-06 Our first working work train, driven by Katy, John T.'s (left) daughter.  21-Oct-06 Paul and Ralph get down track assembly.  14-Oct-06 First work train on the tracks!  7-Oct-06 'the watcher'  7-Oct-06 Surveying the track on the ground  Ax checks the action of the cross-over switch.   23-Sept-06 Putting track down!  On display during Eureka Days 2006  The parade display