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The Freight Elevator Project
Since I can't carry Locomotives in and out of my no-outside-access basement, one key piece of equipment will be a lifting mechanism I am building. I have fabricated my own freight elevator for the stairwell opening. H. Graham has completed the engineering, provided 16 pages of drawings. Project start: November 2010. I have completed the mechanical fabrication Winter 2011. The power is in, the controls are in and operational. The staircase stand is now finished. Modifications to the lifting stand is complete November 2011. The lifting stand has made a trial lift to the top without issue. December 2011: Fabricated the jumper track for the top of the stairs to bridge the stand to the garagee. First solo lift, load out, load in and lower, December 2011. February 2012: Cover for electrical controls completed. March 2012: First full load trial lift completed, issues found. The tension on the chains was so great the posts shifted against the anchors, introducing excessive chain slack, even with redesigned chain guards. The posts will have to be laterally braced. April 2012 -- horizontal post braces installed. May 2012 -- The first full-load lift of the locomotive resulted in one nut seizing on the screw, jamming the system. July 2012 - Four new nuts and a one replacement screw have been fabricated. August 2012 - the lift is reassembled. September 2012 - Success! Lifted the locomotive and Bill and myself out of the basement without issue.

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 27-Mar-10  After probably 4 hours of band-saw time, I've got the metal stock cut and ready for machining.  Also today, Brian Miller from Miller Machining stopped out at the track and dropped off the screw nuts he made for me.  They fit perfectly on the acme threaded rod and I am so happy!  One of the things Mom & Dad & I did while they were visiting was stopping by the steel supplier to pick up my order.  Here I've laid out the cuts for the bandsaw to work on.  The stairwell opening after a coat of mud.  At the end of the day Sunday, the opening is rough drywalled in!  Denis has fun with the camera and catches and action shot of dad. :)  21-Mar-10 Putting 2x2 sleepers in so we can hang drywall.  In a bit of recycling of our own, we reused the studs we removed from the stairwell opening.  The vetern 35+ year old Skill brand scroll saw still can cut, but not without some effort.  Completing the rip cut in the stud.  21-Mar-10 Dad uses a portable circular saw to rip the studs down while I hold the vacume cleaner nozzle in an attempt to contain the dust and dirt.  Operators side view of the torch trolley. Yes, that is a trailing truck for my 3/4  23-Jan-10 I spend the morning fabricating a trolly for my torch since I cannot cut straight lines freehand and there is not a lot of wiggle room for error.  23-Jan-2010 Before fabrication can begin, you need the raw stock.  In this case, 24 pieces of 3,4 and 5 inch widths need to be cut from this 3/8   21-Nov-09 Howard had so much fun cutting the inspection hole, he kept going and opened up the rest of rough opening needed to provide vertical clearance.  Demolition is so much fun!  Bill and Howard feign suprise at what the inspection hole reveals.